Southside Bank Robbery Traced to Inside Job

Just three weeks after a robbery at Southside Bank's location in Albertsons, multiple indictments were handed down Wednesday.

Originally, one arrest was made in the robbery. Eyrka Templeton, believed by police to be the robber, was arrested just eight days after the crime was committed. Wednesday, additional indictments were returned, bringing the number of people charged to five.

One of the Southside employees, Vonda Jean Hammons-Price, was injured when she was slashed during the robbery. Wednesday, Hammons-Price was one of the people indicted.

"She was the branch manager," Southside president Sam Dawson explains. "She was in charge of the operation for us and worked for us about a year, and had a great deal of responsibility. And obviously, that's where our disappointment comes in. One of our employees failed, when they've been given that office of trust and responsibility."

In addition to Templeton and Hammons-Price, three other people have also been indicted. Prosecutors say those people aided and abetted in the crime. All five have been charged with bank robbery.

Reid Kerr, reporting.