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12/04/02 - Tyler

Heating Your Home Safely

How low the temperatures will go outside, East Texans can't control.  Step inside your home though and you can control keeping your family safe and warm.

Sounds easy enough, but wait!

"At least once a year your furnace needs to be checked," says Captain Royce Daugherty, Tyler Fire Department.

Because hidden dangers can hide in your furnace.

"You have a vent that goes up through the roof and it gets very hot and if it gets holes in it can catch the rafters on fire," says Daugherty. "Where the vent rusts in two that it would catch the roof on fire."

Firefighters say you also want to keep flammable and combustible products clear of the furnace, water heater and the ever popular space heaters.

"You don't want to place a space heater too close to something combustible like a bed spread or sofa," says Daugherty. "We've had a lot of fires in the past because it gets cold at night."

Your fireplace is another potential heating danger zone. That's why it should be inspected to see if it needs to be cleaned.  There's this chemical substance called creosote that builds up and it can cause a fire.

That's even more reason to invest in a sturdy fire place screen to keep logs or embers from catching the carpet on fire. But, heating your home safely doesn't end there.

Fire safety specialists suggest you buy lab tested and approved heating equipment.  Also liquid-fueled kerosene heaters should be filled only with recommended fuel, never gasoline.  In wood stoves, burn only wood and place yours on an approved stove board to protect the floor from heat.

Precautions anyone can take to help prevent a heating fire in your home.

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