Little Prayers get Big Answers

To see little Garrett Thibodeaux in class today, there's little evidence of the accident that just six months ago almost took his life.

In May, Garrett, while playing in the garage, fell off the back of his grandfather's motorcycle, hitting his head on the garage floor. Garrett fractured his skull, there was bleeding in his head. His brain was bruised and began to swell.

"The first thing we did was go in, the both of us," says mother Melanie Thibodeaux, "he(Garrett's Father) went on side, I went on the other we both put our hands on his head and started praying. Because not only was that the only place. We knew, we knew God was going to do something.

What the Thibodeaux's did not expect was an outpouring of prayer from Garrett's class. Garrett was about to finish a pre-kindergarten year at Tyler's Grace Community School.

"We were astonished," says Melanie. "When we got to the hospital in Dallas that morning there was a family there you know. That morning before we left Tyler, two or three mothers and the teacher and her husband came up there. Just to know that people...that its not just know...they were really... I know they were on their hands and knees praying for us. Praying for my family and praying for my child."

In fact, Garrett's classmate and their parents met in their little classroom Sunday morning when doctor's weren't really sure if he would live or die. In the hours following those prayers... Garrett finally woke up...

"He said, mom do I have on a pull-up, like what's going on here," recalls Melanie, "and of course I said no baby you don't have on a pull-up and from then on, within hours he was eating and drinking. I don't really know what to say. You really don't know these people. Eight months before I didn't even know these people from Adam and now I know that their prayers, along with the prayers there were lifted up were what saved my child."

If he survived, doctors at the very least said Garrett would have to learn to speak all over again. At the worst he would suffer other problems that could even keep him in a wheel chair. But three days after being rushed to a Dallas hospital...Garrett walked out on his physical or mental problems. A real life lesson, says his parents, to the power of prayer.

"First of all I thought what did I do to deserve, you know, the fact that God intervened in so...not that he intervened, but that he intervened so miraculously. I don't know, there are not even words...there is not a day that goes by that I don't think about it..."and I just thank God, I just get on my knees and pray I just thank him. I say thank you so much that you loved us enough to spare our child. It was a great teaching opportunity also. To teach your children, that God does listen to your prayers, you know. You just have to pray and trust him and he does answer your prayers," says Melanie.