Starving Horses Saved In Hopkins County

By Bob Hallmark

The recent seizure of over 50 starving horses in Hopkins County has many good hearted East Texans coming to the animals rescued.   Hopkins County deputies, Sulphur Springs police and Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society worked together to remove 57 starving horses from a property in Hopkins County.

"By the time we got there, one had died about 12 hours before, some of them had old injuries. I was absolutely amazed, at not only the lack of care lack of feed lack of medical care, but the number of horses" said horse rescuer Pamela Dountas.

The horses were being kept in unsanitary conditions, deprived of proper food, water, some couldn't even stand.

"Someone can sit down and eat a meal and then go out and see these horses around their back door and not feel for them" she says.

Pamela Dountas donated her land to rehabilitate the horses , and has gone to extremes to help them.

"This mare behind us over here couldn't stand so I had to lay with her and give her sips of water every hour so we could hydrate her" Dountas says.

Every 2 hours each day, she checks the horses, making sure their recovering.

"I've had people drive by and drop off checks, maybe a sack of food" Pamela says.

Her neighbors have come through in a big way.

"With love and good food they usually can make it, its one horse at a time for us" says Dountas.

Legal action is being sought against the owners of the horses in court next week.