Cat rescued after three day ordeal

Bubba the Cat
Bubba the Cat

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MARION, AR (WMC-TV) - An Arkansas couple nearly had a catastrophe on their hands when the family feline went missing - inside their home.

When there's a stranger in her house, Bubba the cat hides high atop a kitchen cabinet.

Monday, when an air conditioner repairman came calling, Cheryl Albers said Bubba disappeared. All night long, Albers and her husband Phillip could hear Bubba, but could not find her.

They cut holes in the walls of their dining room, their hallway, and their closet.  Then, they cut through the floor boards in their attic, and ripped out insulation.

Finally, on day three, frantic and out of ideas, the Albers called Roto Rooter.

"We're plumbers, not cat finders," Roto Rooter's Fred Simmons said.

But using a camera-equipped metal snake to search between the walls, Roto Rooter's Fred Simmons turned out to be a cat finder after all.

"We just run the camera down through it and seen two eyes," Simmons said.

Bubba had fallen through a hole in her favorite hiding place. There, she was stuck in a narrow passageway between the cabinet and the wall for three and a half days. One more hole in the hall closet, and Bubba was set free.

"She's really good today," Albers said. "She's eating and drinking and we're all happy again."

In typical cat style, Bubba snubbed the man who saved her life, but her owner couldn't be more grateful.

"I'll give him lots of hugs and kisses," Albers said.

Simmons said Roto Rooter won't be charging the Alber's for the hours spent looking for Bubba. But Bubba's adventure won't be cheap - they still have to repair the damage they did to their home.

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