"7 on Your Side": Don't fall victim

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Chances are, you've gotten one of the calls. They claim your car warranty is up and push you to purchase a new service plan, but you could quickly be out thousands of dollars. Most East Texans almost have it memorized.

"This is your second chance or final chance..." the message begins, and if you're tired of hearing it you're not alone.

"We have had thousands of calls about these car warranties," said Ann Harris, With the Better Business Bureau. "Especially on cell phones."

"I had two calls this week, both of them on car warranty," said Charlene Barber. "And we have a new car so I don't need car warranty."

"We work hard, we go home you want your rest and relaxation," said Brent Thompson. "You don't need to be annoyed by these aggressive marketing campaigns."

Now frustration has reached our state attorney general. Greg Abbott has announced his office is suing three telemarketing companies and maybe more to come.

"We are taking action by filing this lawsuit today in federal court," said Abbott. "Against SCM Media and Onpoint Media both of which are from California. As well as pacific guard warranty which is from Nevada."

Abbott said the telemarketers are not only harassing Texans but breaking state and federal laws. Including, calling numbers registered on do not call lists. The Better Business Bureau says they've already had to help a victim here.

"A senior citizen in our area had a car," said Harris. "The warranty was out [and] she had about 80,000 miles on the car. They called her up she took the warranty. They charged her about 3,000 dollars."

But it was $3,000 down the tube because the BBB said that warranty was expired and no good. East Texans hope a national and now state-wide crackdown, will put an end to the scheme.

"I've tried all kinds of ways," said Barber. "Talking to them or just hanging up on them and they keep calling."

The BBB advises you only buy warranties through your car's manufacturer, and they still recommend putting your home and cell phone numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry. To put your name on the list go to the Big Red Box on the Home page and find the link.

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