Animals still waiting to be rescued

By Donna McCollum - bio | email

TIMPSON, TX (KTRE) - The Timpson animal neglect case is an ongoing investigation. Shelby County deputies were ready to file civil seizure documents on Monday. The process was postponed until the Houston SPCA could prepare for a rescue. By Tuesday animal rescuers were restricted to the roadside. The SPCA returned to Houston. Now, the owner and her son have hired an attorney. Next week they'll meet with investigators.

Owners are no longer granting permission onto the property. The owner claims the animals are fed on a daily basis, something no one knows for sure.

The farm's former caretaker has her doubts. Marian Feinauer left the farm when she said the owner stopped providing food. She too had numerous animals, but this week surrendered them to new homes and a shelter. The process didn't happen without some grilling.

"Why do her feet look like this," abruptly asked an animal control officer while holding a Persian cat belonging to Feinauer.  Upon inspecting a small shaggy dog she said, "Teeth and gums are really, really bad."

Luckily it ended with good advice on the dangers of having too many animals.

"It's really easy to get overwhelmed with animals," said Jamie Shelton, an animal control officer.  "Just be sure and keep a manageable amount of them because if you don't you're not saving them," advised Shelton to Feinauer.

Feinauer is leaving behind the responsibility of pet ownership, but realizes partial blame for this could be cast her way as well. The Shelby County Sheriff's Department says it plans to get to the bottom of the alleged abuse.

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