What?! What happened to my water?...Ohhh!

By Molly Reuter - bio | email

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - More than 2,000 marijuana plants are now hanging and drying in the Smith County Sheriff's Department. Detectives discovered the plants late Monday afternoon in a mobile home park located at 11631 FM 14, just north of Tyler.

The sheriff's department said it all started when the owner of the mobile home park told authorities he found what he believed to be marijuana plants. The owner told authorities some of his tenants were complaining the water pressure was very poor. That's when detectives say the owner searched the property and found a water hose that was connected to one of the homes leading into the woods where the plants were growing.

"They were fairly good sized," said Smith County Sheriff's Sergeant Jim Whithan. "You could tell they have been properly watered and had been fertilized and were being take care of. We called in several detectives and went deeper into the woods and found more plants."

In all, detectives confiscated 2,333 marijuana plants, but that's not all.

"We found material that can be used to make an irrigation system, two large spools of rubber hoses that they can run into the woods," said Whithan. "We also found two rifles in the woods amongst the two other sections where the marijuana was being grown, and we believe they were out there to be used for protection."

One of the firearms, Whithan said, was reported stolen from an Anderson County home. The owners of the mobile home where the plants were found, Whithan said, have not been home since Monday. Detectives do have leads and hope to have an arrest warrant soon. The suspects face charges of possession with the intent to sell.

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