Crayola Crayon Maker: "Does It Work?"

Many of you are looking for those perfect toys to give this holiday season. And in this week's "Does It Work?" report, we've found a toy that, if it works, is pretty cool. We're putting the Crayola Crayon Maker to the test.

We found some old crayons, broken, worn down and had the kids peel the labels off... an important first step. Of course you can bypass it by using the supplied unwrapped crayons. But they'll run out eventually, so you might as well use some of your castaways. Sort of a first lesson in recycling.

We asked the kids to break the crayons into pieces about an inch or smaller, then design their mix of colors in the melting tray.

And when all three slots are full of crayon pieces, we close the lid and turn on the timer which activates the 60 watt light bulb inside-- our heat source. When the heat is on, the lid locks itself.

Soon, the crayon pieces were starting to melt in the metal tray. The entire process takes less than a half hour, and the machine offers cues as to what to do the entire way. For instance, when the timer points to the "pour" symbol, it's time to pour the melted wax into the 3 molds.

A few minutes later, the wax has cooled... the lid unlocks and, if all goes well, you have 3 new unique crayon colors. Just open the mold and the crayons pop out.

"I think it would be a good toy because it's fun to make the crayons and it's fun to watch," says 8 year old Megan Sayers.

The Crayola Crayon Maker comes with its own labels so you can name your new creations.

So does it work? The Crayola Crayon Maker encourages creativity while you're making the crayons... and after they're made. Put this one on your list. We give it a "yes."

We paid 20 bucks for the Crayon Maker. You can find it at most toy or department stores. Recommended age is 8 or older. The 60 watt light bulb is not included.

Note: We were able to make several crayons successfully, but had one mishap along the way. We failed to snap the crayon mold together tightly and one of the crayons we poured leaked out the bottom of the mold. It was a mistake on our part. The wax was caught in a tray below the molds and removed easily. If you decide to make this purchase, make sure your mold is snapped shut. Good luck!