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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Complaints are coming in from all over the country. Parents saying they hear profanity on a kids CD found in some McDonald's Happy Meals. Many of our Raycom sister stations are reporting complaints from viewers. The lyrics of the song are clean. However, some East Texans are hearing something completely different.

You've probably heard Gavin DeGraw's top hit "I don't Want to Be." It is a popular song with clean lyrics. However the Kidz Bop version on CD #6 is raising some eyebrows.

"We just want you to take a listen and see if you hear anything unusual," I said.

"It says a word that sounds like truckin but it has an 'F' to it," said Shawn Carr.

"I hear the F-word," said Shirley Ervin.

"The lyric is supposed to be looking," I said.

"No, it does not sound like that at all," said Carr. "Sounds very inappropriate."

But some don't hear anything out of the norm.

"You see, it sounds like looking to me," said Jordan Salter.

"To me it sounds like looking, but it's questionable," said Stephanie Collvins.

McDonald's issued this response, saying "Kidz Bop is a leading children's brand." They add the assertion that the song contains the original lyric and does not contain profanity. They have not pulled the CD from Happy Meals.

"It don't need to be in the Happy Meals," said Toby Jones. "If my kid come around saying something like that I'd paddle his rear end and and find out where it come from."

To get an expert's opinion, we took the song to a recording studio.

"I'm tired of *ooking round," exclaimed Robin Hood Brians, a music producer. "Wow! Wow dude."

He immediately picked up on it.

"No, I hear a "U" vowel sound, I really do," he said. "Probably not everybody was singing that but somebody in there was singing it. As a producer I would have stopped that. Especially something going to kids."

While every set of ears may hear something different, some say they won't take any chances when it comes to their children.

"They listen to something like that," said Toby Jones. "Dad gum. Only imagine what they'd think...that's just ridiculous."

About 80% of the people we took the song to, heard a profanity.

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