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Parent Warning! Happy Meal toy causing controversy

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Across the nation there has been concern regarding the prize in the kid's meal from a fast food restaurant.

Certain McDonald's Restaurant Happy Meals contain a children's CD that allegedly includes an offensive word in one of the songs.

On "Kidz Bop" CD-Number 6, the first song is "I Don't Wanna Be", originally by Gavin DeGraw. It allegedly contains a profane word that appears at around 7 seconds into our clip of the song, during the chorus.

In the original song's chorus, Gavin DeGraw says, "I'm tired of looking 'round rooms wondering what I've got to do or who I'm supposed to be." Some parents say that "looking" sounds like a profane word in the Kidz Bop version.

The cover of the CD says "Sung By Kids, For Kids."

While we have not heard about complaints from parents locally, this has stirred up parents across the nation.

Danya Proud, a McDonald's USA spokesperson released a statement in response to the controversy:

"Kidz Bop is a leading national children's brand that delights families and kids with appropriate versions of popular songs. An inaccurate claim has been made regarding lyrics in the song, "I Don't Want To Be," included on Kidz Bop CD number six from the current McDonald's Happy Meal promotion. This song contains the original lyric, "I'm tired of looking 'round rooms," and does not contain profanity, as some have suggested. The CDs will continue to be available at McDonald's restaurants as part of this Happy Meal promotion, while supplies last." 

You can listen to the song by clicking on the video player at the top right hand side of this page. Below, tell us if you hear the alleged word or if you find it offensive. Leave us your thoughts!

We also went out to see what East Texans thought about the song. Click here to watch their reactions.

***WARNING*** Potentially explicit audio clip with alleged use of profanity.

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