New Superintendent Knows How Cure Financial Woes

Dr. Dana Marable was officially hired as Superintendent of Longview I.S.D. during last night's school board meeting.

Dr. Marable comes to Longview from Marble Falls where she is credited with turning the financially struggling district into one bringing in a healthy revenue.

Now Longview school board members hope she'll do the same for their district.

Since 1998 Longview I.S.D. has been spending more than they have brought in.

That's a problem that has finally caught up with them.

Solution number one: a bond election.

This allows the district to restructure it's $14.2 million debt.

Solution number two: a new Superintendent with the know how to make a financially sick district into a healthy one.

"She has been with two previous school districts that did have some financial difficulty and other things that we are going through that she has actually been there and done that and pulled communities through that," says school board member Anne Hugman.

"Every parent who sends their child to school wants the very best school that can be afforded for their child," says Dr. Marable.

In 1997, a year before Dr. Marable became Superintendent, Marble Falls I.S.D. only saw just over $133 thousand in total reserves for the year.

Two years after she arrived in 2000 the district had brought their reserves up to more than $2 million.

That's a 1500% increase.

Dr. Marable intends to do the same at Longview.

She says she can only do that with a united school board.

"It's gonna happen because those 7 people that came together truly worked long hours to find someone to share that vision with them. And we're going to be a team of eight and we're going to move the school district forward, says Dr. Marable.

Dr. Marable signed a three year contract with a base salary of $143,000 a year.

The bond election to restructure the district's debt is in progress now.

Early voting continues at the administration office until 8 p.m. Tuesday night.

Election day is December 7th.

Amy Tatum reporting