New Diana Student Tests Positive for H1N1 Virus

Jessica Boyd - email

NEW DIANA (KLTV)- A case of the H1N1 virus has been confirmed, in a New Diana student. That's according to the New Diana superintendent, Joyce Sloan.

The news comes on the day the New Diana school district reopened its doors for students.

When news of the highly probable case reached officials two weeks ago, they decided to close their doors for six days. During that time a special cleaner was ordered and the school was disinfected.

"I'm glad to see that Diana did take that time and took the measures to make sure everything is okay for the children," said Jerrad Hill, a New Diana ISD parent.

"A lot of the media, for once, did the right thing on this to alert everybody of what possible pandemic may be in the future.," said Bill Webb, a New Diana ISD parent. "So, I'm hoping it will open a lot of eyes."

Health officials told us the student with the H1N1 flu is still at home recovering and their condition is getting better.

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