Schools Return From Flu Furlough

After winding up with more time away from school than they expected for the holidays, things are back to normal for some local schools.

After an outbreak of the Hong Kong flu caused the superintendent to cancel four days of school last month, students returned to Winona schools today. The doors were also opened again for Gilmer, Big Sandy, and Union Grove. All schools reported attendance figures returning to normal after the extended time away. School authorities say it was a hard decision to cancel classes, but one they felt was necessary.

Winona Superintendent Dr. Charles Thompson says they made the right decision. "We would have lost a lot more kiddos to illness, and it would have still been going on. With the research we did, we found out that once a kid has this and then comes back to an infected area, they can get it again."

"We hope we broke the cycle," he adds.

The next step for the schools is to determine how to make up the days they've lost. Bad weather days can make up for some of them. Winona ISD plans to request a waiver from the TEA.

Reid Kerr reporting.