Amazing Little Girl To Flip Holiday Lights For Tyler

Tyler's official Christmas tree lighter was introduced on Monday, as eight-month old Gracie Burch will honor East Texas by flipping the switch on the Tyler Christmas tree.

Gracie is already the veteran of two open heart surgeries, the first occurring when she was just seven days old. Her first six weeks of life were spent in the Intensive Care Unit, but this little fighter has continued to improve against the odds.

"From day one, she was a fighter," her mother, Stacia Burch says. "They told us when we went to Dallas and even her doctors here in Tyler, that if she wasn't a fighter she would have never made it. We had our ups and downs in Dallas, and finally when we were able to bring her home it was wonderful."

The lighting will follow the Tyler Christmas parade, which begins this Thursday night at six o'clock. They are finishing the decorating of the tree this week, getting it ready for the big night. The parade will conclude on the square, at about 6:45.

Reid Kerr reporting.