Celebrating a mother to many this Mother's Day

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LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - "Ever since I was little, I always wanted a lot of children," said foster mom Karen Lawrence.

Lawrence got her wish and 25 foster children later, she runs on faith.

"God gives me the strength, I guess," she said.

Lawrence's three biological kids grew up, and she said she had to do something with the empty rooms.

"I want children to have a safe place to be," she said.

She has given the kids a refuge where they can piece together their lives.

"She knows just what to do and she'll be there to protect me," said Xoi Lawrence, who has been adopted by the Lawrence family.

Lawrence and her husband have already adopted three children, but they are not stopping there.

"I cannot wait because Karen and James Lawrence will be adopting me," said one foster child who cannot be identified because she is in foster care.

A single moment makes it all worth it.

Lawrence said, "Every night, before they go to bed, I'll always tell them 'I love you'...The first time they ever tell you 'I love you' back, that means a lot."

The children now know they are wanted.

"Cause she love us," said Stephanie Lawrence, one of the three kids the Lawrence family has adopted.

Some may have to wait a year to be adopted, but for once, one thing in their life is certain.

"I will be safe anywhere and everywhere I go," said a foster child who cannot be identified because she is still in foster care.

"[I] had to be the mom...and now, Karen's the mom and I just have to be the oldest kid," said another foster child.

One foster kid continued to play with her Lego's as she said, "She's just like a mother.  Not just like, she is a mother to me and that is never going to change."

Lawrence said they are adopting three more children within the next year.

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