River dwellers weather Sabine flood

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Gladewater,TX (KLTV) - They've lived through it many times before, and once again East Texans who live along the banks of the Sabine River deal with dangerous floodwaters.

Boaters were checking on residents who live on the river banks of the Sabine where water was fast rising out of the banks.

"I've never seen it this high, I've been here ten years and I've never seen it like this," said Gladewater resident, Tim Barnett.

Many came to check on friends that live near the river.

"I think if I live that close I would be, we have some friends that have cattle and the cattle almost get swamped," said concerned neighbor Joy Barnett.

Carter road was flooded, but passable, with many of the dozen or so residents still able to get in and out.

"I hope that the people down river have decided to leave their houses and go someplace safe, because as the river continues to crest it's going to put their lives in bigger danger than what it is," says Barnett.

The Solid Rock Church caught a break as the floodwaters stopped about 100 yards away.

"We're just kind of banking on how the weathers going to go. We believe God is going to bless us," says the church's pastor, Wayne Allen.

Now it's just a matter of waiting for the water to go down and hoping the worst of the flooding is over this time.

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