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Freedom Fighters:

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - For over sixty years, c.a. Marshall has carried around a tiny newspaper article about the submarine service in world war two. But the newspaper article only tells a bit of what marshall saw firsthand.

 [take: vo] {***vo***} he tells kltv 7's joan hallmark the rest in tonight's "freedom fighters". <I said and i'm not lying about it, i said we'll separate the men from the boys now.>

[take: vo] {***vo**weave music in and out of piece..use two shot of us and athen go to pearl harbor bombing footage*} c.a.marshall was on his way to pearl harbor in a submarine tender when he heard about the japanese attack on december 7,1941. His prediction of separating the "men from the boys" would come to pass for the many young men growing from boyhood into manhood in the midst of war.

[take sot] {***sot**5:56*} <we are now at war with the imperial japanese government and that's the first news we had when the skipper came on and announced it that the japanese had bombed pearl harbor.>

[take: vo] {***vo***} for safety reasons, marshall's ship detoured and didn't arrive at pearl harbor until february 2nd, but the effects of the devastating attack were still evident.

[take sot] {***sot*6:19*footage taken after the attack on pearl*} <ships and fuel tanks that had been bombed were still smoking and the line of battleships along ford island were all sunk and just a terrible state of shock for me to see all those battleships in mud.>

[take: vo] {***vo**navy battle scenes*} as america scrambled to get into war mode, it's navy, badly crippled by the pearl harbor attack, valiantly fought overwhelming odds. It wasn't until the battle of midway in june of 1942 that fighting in the south pacific began to turn around.

[take sot] {***sot**3:09*} <we praactically destroyed the japanese navy,a turning point in that battle> {***sot**3:27*} <we sank four japanese aircraft carriers and other ships, destroyers and we crippled the japanese navy.>

[take: vo] {***vo***} but victory at midway was not with out sacrifice. Thousanads of american lives were lost and many more would have died if marshall's ship, "the fulton", hadn't rescued the crew of the aircraft carrier "the yorktown".

[take sot] {***sot**2:33*} <the yorktown was hit pretty badly by bombers and they had to take the crew off the yorktown and they sent us to pick up the crew. We got about 2,300 men off the yorktown before she went down that evening.>

[take sot] {***sot**8:23*} <you know what a britches buoy is don't you. No tell me.>

[take sot] {***sot**8:29 if you can find any footage to show this, use it*} <they strung a cable across from one ship to another and they put these guys in a sack you might say and transferred them from one ship to another.>

[take: vo] {***vo***} the rescue was just in time. As soon as the crew was off the yorktown, a japanese submarine torpedoed the crippled ship and sunk it, along with two other ships in the area.

[take sot] {***sot**15:28*} <now you have had this little article a long time haven't you? i've had it since soon after world war two>

[take: vo] {***vo*** closeup of article and then shots of us looking at it and talking} the article tells how u.s. Subs sank 214 enemy naval vessels and 1,178 enemy merchant vessels during world war two. C.a.marshall is quick to say that he's 'not a hero", but that he's mighty proud to have served with the heroic submarine service.

[take sot] {***sot**12:36*} <i'm not a hero but don't get me wrong. I feel like i did my part and that i gained quite a bit from it, especially a career.>

[take: vo] {***vo***} after the war ended, marshall turned his training and experience with submarine diesel engines into a 35 year career with the santa fe railroad, helping to build america as we know it today. tyler...joan hallmark kltv 7 news now, we want to hear from you if you or someone you know served our country in combat. You can write us at "freedom fighters", p.o. Box 957, tyler tx, 75710. Or go to and look for the "freedom fighters" link.

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