Going on a hunt for summer jobs

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - National reports say the hiring environment is projected to look even harsher than last summer, which was deemed the worst teen employment market in six decades. So, how will East Texas teens fair finding that summer job?

The Watering Hose Detail Shop is all wiped out, that is, of summer job positions. They're fully staffed but manager Michael Ray said job seekers keep applying. He gets three to five applications a day.

"I've actually had more applicants in the past two months than I've had in the past two years," said Ray. "It's a wide range of folks from old to young. They're all just looking for work just like everybody else is."

And everybody else applying is why Latrina Shaw is on her teenage son to find a job ASAP.

"I'm on him to get a job forever, not just for a summer job, winter job, job, job, job," laughed Shaw.

Chick-fil-a is another popular teen employer whose already taking applications for summer.

"Kids are always coming in trying to find some extra money, extra cash to go play sports or something," said Kayla McCann, with Chick-fil-a.

20-year-old Julie Vineyard is a waitress and has some advice for young people.

"If you have a job right now, just keep it," she said. "Don't quit. Don't do anything stupid 'cause you probably won't find another one anytime soon."

Another popular teen job is life guarding. Now, is the time to splash in an apply.

"They all have to be certified prior to being hired," said Seth Pyle, the aquatic supervisor for Longview Parks and Recreation. "So, we're actually starting the classes now to get those people trained."

As for mom's like Latrina Shaw, she's determined for her son to get a job.

"Oh yeah, I'm going to be pushing him," said Shaw. "I'm going to stay on him. I ain't gone let up!"

Here's your chance, for all you teens looking for summer work. Workforce Solutions - East Texas has a summer youth employment program in 14 counties. The jobs pay $7.25 an hour for youth between the age of 14 and 24. For more information contact Workforce Solutions.

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