KFC's great deal is leaving a bad taste

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The marketing strategy for Kentucky Fried Chicken's new grilled chicken was a big one. But four days after its kick-off, the coupon that's supposed to get you a free meal now gets you another coupon. We investigated the KFC dilemma to see why such a great deal is leaving such a bad taste in the mouths of East Texans.

Whether it was at the counter or the drive thru the message was the same.

"We're not accepting those anymore," said a KFC worker.

They are not accepting coupons promising a free meal courtesy of KFC. The message is one customers aren't happy to hear.

"I wanted to try this grilled, I really did," said David Jones. "Now it doesn't really matter if I try it or not."

"Me personally, I gave them the form back, and their coupon that they gave me I threw it in the trash," said Robert Crawford.

It was a perfect example of a good idea gone bad. Rather than promoting business, the coupon's end result has left quite a few hungry people.

Four days after the arrival of the coupons, KFC stores nationwide faced too many people with too little chicken. It is a problem that was addressed in a commercial released Friday. Their response was a rain-check promising the same exact deal now with a free drink. After filling it out, stores send them in, with customers getting another coupon in the mail in the next few weeks. For those like David Jones, leaving empty handed is a disappointment, but KFC's loss is another's gain.

"This was gonna be my lunch for today that's what makes this so disappointing this was gonna be my lunch," said Jones. "Well, I guess I'll head on down to Taco Bell."

While it will take longer to get your free grilled chicken meal, KFC does make its promise to redeem the offer. But adds, to combat the problem of customer overflow, the redemption periods of the rain checks will vary.

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