A cry for help for animals that have been abandoned

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

SHELBY, TX (KLTV) - It was a cry for help for animals that have been abandoned. The caretaker of a farm in Shelby County said she can no longer care for the horses, dogs, goats, hogs and even birds left by the property owner.

Friends of the caretaker sent pictures to our newsroom. They were photos of emaciated animals. Some animals were in small cages and horses needing feed and medication. We asked the local sheriff's department if they knew what was going on out there. They checked it out and are now in contact with the Houston SPCA about going to get the animals. The caretaker said that when the property owner left she was abandoned along with the animals.

"I had no phone, very little food, I had no transportation, I was pretty much in the dark," said Marian Feinauer, the former caretaker. "I gave them as much food as I possibly could. This was when he wasn't really bringing feed."

The caretaker is now living with friends. Right now no charges have been filed.

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