Prospective Actors Take Shot At Casting Call

Some East Texans found themselves bitten by the acting bug Sunday, when a short film held an open casting call. Quite a few East Texans came out looking for a break.

The director of the film, a short piece set in the Civil War called "Freedom Rains," was looking for extras and some speaking roles.

"Most people who are serious about being an actor," Director Jackson Kane said, "Would kill to be in a production like this."

They gave up their Sunday afternoons for a variety of reasons. Some chasing a dream, some just for fun.

Prospective actress and mother of two Kris Trampus brought her whole family to the audition as a family outing. "Everyone's at the mall today shopping," she said, "Rather than going and fighting the crowds, we can go out and spend a little time together and do something different."

Tyler resident Robert Moorehead was less interested in being an actor than in the film itself. "I'm hoping to get picked, because I'm really interested in the Civil War stuff."

For Diana Martin of Big Sandy, this audition can help her reach a goal. "For about ten years, I have been saying 'I'm gonna be in a movie.'"

"I don't care if I'm just sitting in the background or sitting at a table," she says, "I'm gonna be in a movie."

Don Killingsworth was one of many who tried out, and he found the process "very nerve wracking."

"This is the first time I've ever done this," he explains. "It was very interesting."

Actor Warren Powell explained the process by saying, "When we get upstairs, we've got to read something written by someone else and be someone else, and become someone else better than anyone else, and it's a challenge."

After auditioning, actress Chelsie Gaston said even if she didn't get a part, she still enjoyed the experience. "I've had a good time, I've just kind of gotten a feel for what it would be like for in the future," she said.

"For when I decide to do this again," she clarifies.

The movie, "Freedom Rains," will be shot over the next few months. Many of the larger sequences have already been shot, using a civil war reenactment troupe. As a small production, they are waiting on rainy weather to film some of the smaller scenes.

Reid Kerr reporting.