Giving new meaning to "seek and you shall find"

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - It's not their first time to help homeless East Texans. Back in February a Rose Height Church pastor, in Longview decided one Sunday to dress up like a drunken homeless person, just to test his congregation's compassion. Now, that pastor is a part of a new group called House of Disciples, or HOD. They're in the process of opening a facility to house 15 to 20 homeless men. HOD is bringing new meaning to the phrase, "seek and ye shall find."

From being homeless in the lonely East Texas woods to the chapel, House of Disciples seeks out men living on the streets hoping to restore their lives.

"It's worth the one to go after," said Phillip Briggs, an administrator for HOD. "The Bible says that we would go after the one and leave the 99. Well, we feel like these are the ones that we are to go out and go after."

What's their goal? To take men out of a culture of drugs and alcohol and ultimately cultivate their faith in God.

"I'm a totally different person than I was three in a half months ago...that's for sure," said Brett Foster, a recovering alcoholic. "Feeling good about yourself once again, you want to tell somebody."

And that restoration can begin in the old 1930's Welch Funeral Home in Longview.

"Ever since I've been there, I've found that family I didn't have," said 25-year-old Justin Daniels. "I found love that I didn't have before."

Daniels escaped the street life of gangs to HOD.

"I found some hope, and the hope is in HOD," said Daniels. "It's in the people at HOD and the love that comes from them is like no other."

For Dewayne Heckard, HOD helped him get off cocaine.

"Men that didn't believe in themselves or didn't believe that people can care or that society does not except them for the things that they do," said Heckard. "That's what we are here for. We are here with open arms."

But they can't do it alone.

"We need the communities support," said Tim Wiseman, HOD founder. "We need everyone to team up with us and become partners with us to make this happen."

And for these men, there's no place like home.

"We're going to continue to reach our hands out to help the next available man," said Heckard. "The house is here!"

For more information on how you can help House of Disciples or to learn more about their ministry. You can attend the "Presenting House of Disciples to the Community" program this Friday at Rose Heights Church at seven, or call 903-445-9108.

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