Thirty-Year Family Christmas Tradition Buys The Farm

For some families, getting the christmas tree is a big a part of the Holiday season as the tree itself. For thirty years, families have come to Holiday Plantations Christmas Trees to share the holidays with the Morgan family.

"We have several that have been here since the very first year," Owner Joy Morgan says. "In fact, I had a call this morning from a lady who came every year till last year when she lost her husband."

However, this year will be the last for the farm. Three generations will work, and now one last season before saying goodbye to their recurring holiday company.

Eighteen year-old Brent Morgan has been working the fields all his life. "I've always been out here every Christmas since I was a little kid," he says. "I've been out here running around, watching everything. People have seen me and they've come back and said, 'I remember when you were this big, and now you're throwing a tree over your shoulder!'"

"People remember us and we remember them," twenty-four year old daughter Heather Bounds. "I've been a part of it my whole life."

They understand that Christmas is a time for family, and they feel like their family has grown with every customer.

"I think in a way, we have added to their Christmas," Joy says. "We have provided an outing that hopefully has produced some memories for them and that means a lot to us."

"And I think it does to them also," she adds.

One more season hard at work for the family and then, it'll be time for a new holiday tradition.

"We plan to sell the farm, and we hope to move north. I've always wanted to be where there's snow, so that's what I'm going to try to do, go find some snow," Joy says, laughing.

Reid Kerr reporting.