Whitehouse Floors and More Local Stimulus

Perhaps you saw the story about Max Anderson, owner of Whitehouse Floors and More.  Max's business was featured in one of our newscasts and his story is compelling.  Max decided to make a difference in the business community in the Whitehouse and Tyler areas by calculating the sales tax on purchases in his business and then writing a check for that same amount payable to a neighboring business.  This prompted the customer, who was awarded the check, to consider another purchase at that other local merchant.  What is special is that nearly 30 local merchants have agreed to participate with Max by accepting his check and offering an additional discount and continuing the program by writing their own check to another business for the sales tax amount.  It's a sort of round robin that rewards customers and local businesses alike.  Well, business has been great at Whitehouse Floors and More, Max continues to be committed to making difference and his story was even featured on Good Morning America.  The idea has even caught on in at least one other city in Texas.  In the face of a challenging economy, Max's system keeps the local economy rolling and makes this a better east Texas.