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QUITMAN, TX (KLTV) - Sean Carter says he wishes he could go back in time.  His story of survival inspired a group of East Texas teens to bring him to their school.  We were there as Carter shared his message using his finger.

"Hi, my name is Sean Carter," the young man typed on his computer for the crowd to see.  It may not be his voice, but they are his words.  Sean Carter, 26 uses his computer and his left index finger to communicate.

"You probably think, like I did, it will never happen to me, but do you want to take that chance," typed Sean.  Four years ago, Sean said he and his college friends went out drinking.  His friend was three times the legal limit, but decided to get behind the wheel.  Sean was the passenger when the truck went off the road and hit a tree.

"It was not an accident," said Sean's mother Jenny Carter. "It did not have to happen.  If he had not been with his friend drinking, if his friend had not drunk so much, that crash wouldn't have occurred."  Sean suffered a traumatic brain injury and was in a coma for 39 days.  He can't walk, or talk, but his mind is strong and his message about making the right decisions is even stronger.

"With every choice there is a consequence," said Sean.  "Some of the consequences are good, but some can be tragic."  The Anchor Club at Quitman High School, a service organization, saw Sean present his story earlier this year.  They were so inspired by his story the students raised money to bring Sean and his mother to their school.

"Honestly, I grew up with all of these kids, and I wouldn't want to see one of them go through this," said Quitman High School junior Mariana Delgadillo.

"I learned not to drink and drive, but even if something bad like that happens, there is a way to get through it," said junior Chassidy Lucas.  Sean and his mother found a way, using their story to impact others.

In the past couple of days Sean has been all over Wood County speaking at six different schools.  His last stop is at Hawkins High School on Thursday.

To learn more about Sean's story, click on the Big Red Box on our homepage.  There you will find "When Sean Speaks."

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