"If I see it coming up into the yard, I'll know to grab some things and get out!"

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GLADEWATER, TX (KLTV) - Floodwaters are on the way to East Texas, moving down the Sabine River. One of the areas that could be hit the hardest is near Gladewater. There, the Sabine is projected to be as much as seven feet above flood stage by Sunday.

Steadily rising, the Sabine River is already swelling out of its banks along the bottoms near Gladewater.

"[We would] be sleeping and all of the sudden it starts floating down the river," said Casey Clark, a Gladewater resident.

Heavy rains over the weekend in northern counties is just now making its way down the Sabine, and in some places it could crest as much as 33 feet. In Gladewater that's seven to eight feet above flood stage.>

"33 feet's going to be way up here," said Clark, motioning with his hand. "The boat ramp's going to be totally gone."

County roads like the ones in Harrison County Wednesday morning, could become impassable, and some, like homeowner Stephanie Stephens, are thinking of running for higher ground.

"My first thought was what was I going to do with my son with him being disabled I don't want to have to face anything going on with my house," she said. "With him, his safety is what is necessary. We'll probably opt out and have him spend the night with family until we know for sure that its safe."

Over the years, the dozens of homeowners who live on the bottoms have often been trapped by floodwaters, with many only able to get out by boat.

"They'll probably be underwater about two months," said Casey. "[They] take their boats in and out of the bottoms here."

"If I see it coming up into the yard, I'll know to grab some things and get out myself," said Stephens.

Their one hope, is that the river doesn't rise as expected.

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