He was buck naked on Buckner Road

By Courtney Lane - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

LANEVILLE, TX (KLTV) - They say he was dancing and prancing around in women's under-garments. Some East Texans say they had enough of a "peeping tom" exposing himself. So they set a trap for him and called in the authorities. It happened in Laneville on Buckner Road. Laneville is just south of Henderson in Rusk County.

Sisters Debra, Angie and Barbara say Gary Crim would drive to their quiet Country Road and strip down, prancing and trotting in front of their windows.

"He pulled his shirt off," said Debra. "He had a bra on then he pulled his pants off, he had ladies panties. Then he was just rubbing himself going round and round in a circle."

"Late in the evening you have to get in the house," said Angela. "Early in the morning you have to be on the lookout cause there were times where he did come early in the morning."

At first Debra said she thought Crim was a woman because he was wearing a wig.

"When he pulled his shirt off and his pants he patted his hair and then jacked his panties up to here and then did his little do," said Debra.

What they can't figure out, is why the peeping tom would pick their remote location.

"He's a stranger," said Debra. "Come all the way from Henderson to come down here to dance in my yard."

After weeks of him popping up out of the blue, Debra posted trespassing signs and even rigged-up a fishing line.

"Then, I tied hooks on them so if [he] ran off in here they would catch him," she explained.

But it would take the sisters physically blocking him in that eventually got him busted.

"He had four cars all around him...and he was just, 'if you let me go, I won't come back again, please just let me go! I won't come back again,'" said Debra.

"He said he had a mental problem and he really did," said Angela.

They held him until a Rusk County deputy arrived. A search of Crim's car uncovered more mysteries.

"He had all the little snack foods, pizza and stuff in there," said Debra. "[He] had bags of lady panties in the front seat. A trunk of lady panties. Don't forget the beer. He had a 30 pack of beer back there also."

They hope more serious charges are filed because of their children.

"Oh, my little girl's so scared," said Debra. "She won't walk past the windows if the blinds are open."

It was definitely an eye-opener that has left the ladies a bit traumatized.

"In all my life I have never ever seen nothing like that, not even on TV," said Debra. "I hadn't seen that kind of mess."

The Rusk County sheriff's department told us they have an ongoing investigation. If it is proven that Crim exposed himself in front of children, like the residents claim, Crim could face felony charges. For now, 59-year-old Gary Crim has been arrested and charged with indecent exposure.

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