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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Kentucky Grilled Chicken? The concept is hitting home. Customers are lining up at KFC's all over East Texas, looking for a free meal, and they're getting a meal that's also free of a lot of fat. We paid the colonel a visit.

If you offer it they will come...

"I haven't missed many meals," said Jim Scoggins.

"I had some last night...and I like the grilled's good," said Tim Hickman.

The chicken was free last night which is why Hickman was standing in line with his coupon in hand. Jim Scoggins went with a neighbor.

"He's even going to buy the tea, so I'm home free," he said.

In fact most of the people there were lined up for the two pieces of the grilled chicken, two sides and a biscuit for free. With the printable, online coupon, KFC's new grilled option got Oprah's attention. Word is spreading fast. The colonel wants us to re-think, or rather unthink the fried in Kentucky Fried Chicken, offering the new, much healthier grilled option.

"I was impressed at the sodium content," said Tami Lawrence, a clinical dietitian.

She said the less fattening option is definitely a better choice than the fried, but if you add on the slaw and mashed potatoes that can completely change.

"If they're adding a full fat mayonnaise, then it's going to be pretty high in fat and cholesterol [and] it depends on what kind of fat they're using for the gravy," said Lawrence.

She said moderation is the key, but is America even ready for an un-fried, Kentucky Fried Chicken?

"Unthink is an interesting point of view," said Scott Frazier, with Cue Creative.

He knows the ad business and says image is everything.

"When you read the URL, if you slow it down, to unthink, it's really, "un thin KFC," he explained. "It's all about being in the right position in the consumer's mind and "unthink" may do that. We'll have to wait and see."

But as long as it's free, for some, it's all you can eat.

You don't have long, the free coupon offer ends Wednesday night at 11:59. If you'd like to download your next free meal, just go to our home page and click the Big Red Box. Look for the Kentucky Gilled Chicken story. There you'll find a link to Oprah & KFC's coupon which is good until May 19th.

Click here to print off your coupon.

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