Hundreds Line Up To Get Christmas Shopping Over With

The Christmas rush has officially started, as shoppers beat the sun out of bed Friday morning to wait for the stores to open. After being one of the first for the last two years, Courtni Frizzell was at the head of the line Friday morning at Tyler's Target store.

"I got here about 4:30," she explains. "I dropped my girlfriend off at Best Buy at 3:45am. We've got family all around town, we're determined.

Courtni was the first of hundreds in line this year, in what's become a tradition for many families.

"It's kind of like a scavenger hunt," she says. "It's gotten to be a family tradition every year to go and beat all the other women," she says, laughing.

At seven, they opened the doors, and an empty store became suddenly claustrophobic. The toy section quickly became a Lincoln Log jam. To combat the traffic, Courtni electronically hooked up with several of her friends.

"We meet the night before at my cousin's house," she explains, "And we get all our money straight and all our lists together and then we spread out. We keep track with the cell phones and the walkie-talkies."

After forty-five minutes, her shopping is almost done. Then it was time to fight one more line at the checkout counter. It's all in the spirit of the season, though.

"It just gets us started, it gets our Christmas shopping done," she says. "It gets you in that holiday mood, and it's time to go home and wrap presents and get ready for Christmas....And take a nap," the early riser admits.

Between the six of them, Courtni and her friends estimate they spent about fifteen hundred dollars on Christmas today. They also feel like except for a few smaller gifts, their shopping season is done.

Reid Kerr, reporting.