WebXtra: "He pulled his pants off, he had ladies panties"

By Courtney Lane - bio | email

LANEVILLE, TX (KLTV) - You won't believe the nutty, wacky things residents along a quiet Country Road in Laneville say they saw.

Sisters Debra, Angie, and Barbara say a Peeping Tom has been prancing around naked.

"I witnessed him on three different occasions come here in front of my window and get naked, if he weren't already naked when he got here," said Angela Loftis.

"He pulled his shirt off," said Debra Gibson. "He had a bra on then he pulled his pants off, he had ladies' panties. Then he was just rubbing himself going round and round in a circle.

The Rusk County Sheriff's Department arrested Gary Crim, 59, for indecent exposure.

Now there is a serious side because they say several children were exposed to this man and saw him doing this.

The Rusk says they have an ongoing investigation.

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