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11/28/02 - Tyler

Guy Friendly Christmas Gifts

   If you hit a brick wall every time you try to buy a gift for the men in your life, we're here to help. Before you hit the malls looking for the perfect gift for him, you may want a game plan. Here's a few suggestions from those who know best.

   The perfect gift is "any electronic gadget, or the next great tool," says Mike Carter, owner of The Mill Co. at Broadway Square mall.

   And most guys surveyed said CDs and clothes are always nice gifts. Just don't fall for the old "give dad a tie" trick, that doesn't work anymore.

   "Ties are not a big thing for me," says Carter. "I think they're overdone."

   "Unless you're in business, I don't think a tie goes over anymore," says Bob Whitacre.

   And the verdict is still out on colognes. Some say they're tired of getting them, others say they're okay as long as you purchase a kind they would wear.

   And if you're still not sure what to get a guy for Christmas, Mike Carter may have just the answer. He spends everyday at his mall kiosk, creating gift baskets for men. He puts everything inside from George Bush peanuts to pecans and speciality jellies.

   "Guys really enjoy these gift baskets," says Carter. "We have a lot of corporate people that buy gift baskets from us to give to their men clients."

   And if you still don't know what to get him for Christmas, Bob Whitacre says it doesn't hurt to ask.

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