Thanksgiving Travellers Take to Roads to Find Families

Thanksgiving is traditionally a holiday to gather with family and for many, that involves taking to the highways.

The roads were busy Thursday, filled with people still driving, still trying to make that holiday connection with family. Debbie King travelled from Dallas to Kilgore to meet her family.

"It's great to have the family together," Debbie said. "And our kids look so forward to coming home which makes it real special, getting together with grandparents."

For some, Tyler was a destination. Dr. Russ Keasler of Orange came to the Rose City to visit his father.

"We just like to see each other, we're a very close family." he said. "We're thankful for what God has given us, and our family is the most important thing we have."

For some families, Tyler was the place for their family gatherings. Kenneth Bown will spend the holidays visiting with his only son, who'll be in from Florida for the first time in months.

"We'll get up tomorrow morning, run five miles, if he can keep up with me," Bown says. "Then we'll come home, have a good bottle of wine, some good music, enjoy our family."

No distance is too great to reconnect. One driver was on the road for twelve hours for Thanksgiving, driving from Alabama to Arlington to see her daughter and grandson.

"I haven't seen my grandson for a long time, so I'm probably gonna spend the evening playing with him mostly," Velda Rogers says. "We've got birthday presents and Christmas presents cause we probably won't see them for Christmas."

So Thursday, they took to the highways, driving as far as it took to reconnect with their loved ones.

Reid Kerr, reporting.