Christmas Tree Tips

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in East Texas, especially at Christmas Tree lots. The prices are about the same as last year, according to Pat Singleton. He's been selling trees for 19 years and he offers these tree picking tips for you and your family. The most important thing to do is to look at the color. If it has a good dark, green color then it is a good Christmas tree. You can also grab a branch and pull down. If the needles fall off,  you're getting a dry tree. If you want a tree that makes your home smell like Christmas, he suggest a grand fir. The grand fir gives you the most bang for your buck because it's moderately priced. But if you want to Rolls Royce of trees, Pat suggest the noble fir. They have very good color and the needles do not fall off. They have the best needle retention of any tree. If you're looking for an inexpensive tree, that doesn't look like the one from that Charlie Brown Christmas special Pat suggests the Douglas Fir, they run about 15 - to 50 dollars. For a more festive tree, try flocking. It cost about 5 dollars a foot, plus it makes the tree fire retardant.

I f you want to get your tree the old fashioned way you can do that too. At Plantation Pines right outside of Tyler you can go on a hay ride and cut down your own tree. Plantation Pines will provide a saw if you don't have one. They'll also bale the tree and help you tie it to your car or truck so you can easily take it home. Their trees vary from 4 dollars to 6 dollars a foot and you get free hot chocolate while you're there. For more information call Plantation Pines at 903-597-1906