Bath time! A local school district is not taking any chances

By Lakecia Shockley - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

DIANA, TX (KLTV) - The CDC has announced that schools no longer need to close when they find a potential case of the H1N1 virus, but one East Texas school district is not taking any chances after discovering a probable case of the H1N1 virus last week.

The spraying sound of cleaning solution could be heard all over New Diana schools.

"[We are] spraying all over," said Bruce Jeffrey.

From classrooms to hallways, it was not just spring cleaning taking place at the East Texas school district.

"Our main job is for the kids up here," said Bruce Jeffery, the maintenance custodian director at New Diana. "We wanted to make sure the kids was going to come back into a safe environment. We wanted to make sure that everything is cleaned and disinfected like it's supposed to be."

Jeffery and Superintendent Sloan have been making sure that every area gets thoroughly cleaned.

"We just came in and sprayed all the walls down, all the desk, all the doorknobs, doors, windows [and] anything that involved things that kids were touching," he exclaimed. "We sprayed everything down. Light switches and everything and we feel like we got a pretty good kill on everything."

To make sure all the germs are gone, these custodians are using a special cleaning solution.

"[It is a] chemical name Rejuvenator and it's supposed to kill any kind of fungus or anything that's out there on the market," Jeffery explained. "It's a real good cleaner."

It's a good cleaner that will hopefully get the job done and leave one end-of-the-school-year wish for these workers.

"[That we will be] problem free," he laughed. "So, we can get out of school safely and everything!"

New Diana said they are still waiting to hear back from the CDC on lab test taken from one of their students who was found last week with a probable case of H1N1.

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