Dockers Go Khaki Pants with Stain Defender: "Does It Work?"

Have you seen those commercials, where the guy gets everything but the kitchen sink spilled on his pants? And then it just runs right off? They're amazing! At least they're amazing on TV. But how do they hold up in real life? We put the "Dockers Go Khakis with Stain Defender" to the test, in this "Does It Work?" report.

"Nice Pants," they say on TV.  And they are. Wrinkle free, with a permanent crease, coated with Teflon.  The same thing that makes your eggs slide out the pan is supposed to defend these pants from pretty much anything you throw at them... specifically water and oil based spills. If these pants are going to pass our test, they're going to have to make it past 5 beverages--back to back.

And if they make it that far, we'll offer a little bonus question: vinegar and oil.

First we toss on some Coke.  Boy, were we surprised.  The soda just beaded up and ran off.  No stain, no wetness, no more Coke.

After that, some orange juice.  Same result.

The pants are 2 for 2.  Neither Coke nor orange juice are a match for my Teflon coated pants.

How about a little tea? I'm feeling confident now.  Well, there's a "t" in pants, but not a drop left on these.

And I'll bet they'll be no crying over spilled milk. We tried it. The milk wanted to hold on a little more than the other liquids, but pretty soon, it gave way too.

And no, they don't feel wet against my leg.

We were a little worried about the red wine, but the Dockers with Stain Defender  took care of that too.  The wine beaded up... just like on tv. 5 for 5... Not bad.

So, we took it a little farther.  We tried the vinegar and oil.  Bad idea.  The oil proved too much, at least until I got them home in the washer.  It all washed out without a problem.

But in fairness, the tag says water and oil based liquids... not oil itself.

So does it work? No doubt. We give the Dockers Go Khaki with Stain Defender a "yes.

We paid about 40 bucks for the pants.  They're supposed to provide protection for approximately 30 washings.  And for best results, you can reinvigorate Stain Defender by touching up with an iron after every fifth washing.