Teen Impaled In Car Wreck, Recovers

A Sulphur Springs student has a lot to be thankful for this holiday season. Tony Billingsley (16) of Tira was impaled by a 20-foot metal pipe six days ago, when his car veered off Highway 19 and hit a metal fence. Rescue crews had to cut off a large portion of the metal pipe to get Tony out of his car. The metal pipe came close to piercing Tony's heart and organs, but fortunately, he only suffered abdominal injuries and a broken spleen.

Doctor Harry Wilkins at Mother Frances Hospital delivered the remaining portion of the pipe to Tony's hospital room Tuesday afternoon. The 16-year old looked over the six-inch pipe that almost took his life.

"I just thank everything from technology to paramedics to God, because without the technology it would of been real hard to get me out," Tony told reporters Tuesday.

Tony will return to Sulphur Springs High School next semester.