East Texans Brace for Cold Snap

The first freeze of the year is heading towards East Texas Tuesday night. The next three mornings are all expected to be below 32 degrees. That has East Texans getting ready for winter-like weater. From cars, to cats, to copper pipes, the preparations are underway.

Terry Miles doesn't mind the cold weather. As long as he keeps moving, he says he's able to stay warm. And the threat of freezing weather makes terry very busy winterizing other people's cars at the Super Lube on Broadway in Tyler. "For most of the customers that come in we do oil changes. We check all the fluids, make sure everything's up to par, antifreeze is good, so hopefully when they get out there to travel, they won't have no probelms."

The next stop for many drivers is the mall. That's were Larry Goddard found a down filled parka to block out the chilly northern winds. "It's cold. It's cold today. It makes you want to get warm and wear warmer clothes. So, I hit the mall early today."

Gayle Helms is also worried about coats; the fur coats on the dogs at the Humane Society. Earlier Tuesday, all of the dog houses were turned to face south and were filled with fresh hay to keep in the heat. "All the dogs here have longer hair. But, for people that have small dogs, short hair dogs at home, they need to bring them in when it starts to get really really cold, just for their health and their safety."

Your home may need a little attention, too. McCoys Hardware in Tyler is selling lots of space heaters and wrapping for pipes. "If you have a pier and beam house, that's when you really want to be cautious with exposed pipes underneath," said Assistant Manager Phillip McFaden. "Make sure that everything's insulated with fiberglass insulation or foam insulation."

North of town, Mark Chamblee isn't worried about the cold. While temperatures below freezing are bad for house plants, he says this first freze will make your roses and azaleas stronger. "It will actually harden off the plants that are outside in the landscape. It makes them more durable then in the colder weather that we have in the upcoming months."