Local restaurant applies for liquor license, sparks protest

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

WHITEHOUSE, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas restaurant is already drawing some fire after opening its doors just a short time ago! Someone protested the restaurant's application for a liquor license by posting a newspaper ad, featuring a mangled car and a warning against drinking.

Being the first local establishment to apply for a liquor license and the sign in their window has caught the attention of more than a few.

"Everybody who takes alcohol, there's an influence," said Sherman Mayfield, chairman of the Whitehouse Ministerial Alliance.

They are responsible for a $250 ad in the Tri County Leader. It is the picture of a car accident caused by a drunk driver urging readers to protest the Fisherman's Restaurant liquor license to TABC.

"I just think it's an ad to make an impact, just to be honest," said Mayfield. "That's why the wrecked car, that's why the ad is big and like this and I'm just trying to make an impact to people who are against alcohol like I am to take a stand."

The first time Fisherman's Place owner Dario Hernandez saw the ad was when I showed it to him. He said he believes it's intended to make a false impression.

"This is not what is going to happen here," said Hernandez. "This is a place this is a restaurant where people can come and eat and enjoy a drink, this is not a place where people will be drinking heavily."

With no bar inside and planning to only serve alcohol to accompany food orders Hernandez avoids club comparisons, but until the little white sign disappears, protesters such as Mayfield say they're not going away.

"I want people to think that there's consequences to alcohol," said Mayfield. "It may just be minor consequences but the ultimate consequence would be someone's life."

The City of Whitehouse currently has no laws against restaurants obtaining a liquor license. The Whitehouse city manager says Fisherman's Place will be free to serve alcohol as long as it passes the TABC licensing certification.

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