New Evidence Could Solve Old Murder

In 1983, five people were kidnapped from a Kilgore Kentucky Fried Chicken and murdered.

Now 19-years later investigators may finally be close to solving the crime.

Rusk county officials confirm D-N-A material from two Texas inmates match blood samples from the crime scene.

One of the suspected inmates, 41-year old Darnell Hartsfield, is jailed in Tennessee colony.

The other is 44-year old Ronnie "Romeo" Pinkerton.

He's in the Skyview unit in Rusk.

No one has ever been tried for the murders.

The K.F.C. murders happened September 23, 1983.

All of the victims bodies were found on a rusk county oil lease road.

They were shot to death.

For now, the F.B.I. will continue to investigate the link between the two inmates and the Kentucky Fried Chicken murders.

Amy Tatum, reporting