Firefighters Rescue Family Pets from Burning Home

A home is engulfed in flames and firefighters race to save its occupants, the family's pets.

The blaze started Monday morning about 9:30 at a White Oak trailer park.

Six of the family's pets were trapped inside.

The family says they're thankful for the men who risked their lives to save their home and their animals.

"It was one room fully involved and the fire was coming out of both sides of the mobile home when we arrived," says fire chief James Nall.

Fortunately, neither Roy Hufstetler, his wife Kelly, or their two children were home.

But firefighters soon realized the house was not empty.

The family's two dogs, two kittens and two birds were trapped inside.

Firefighters raced to save them all.

"That's their main objective in going in to these burning buildings is to remove anything that's in their that's still alive whether it be a cat, a dog a bird or a human," says chief Nall.

"They're my babies," says Kelly, "anybody that knows me knows that I'm just thankful they got my dog out and she's fine."

Firefighters quickly removed a dog and two kittens.

Fortunately, a neighbor had already saved the family's pride and joy.

"I have a boxer dog and they got her out. Some neighbor kid came by. He said 'I had to break your window to get her out.' I was like that's fine you know," says Kelly. "I'm gonna take them to the vet who I work for and have everybody checked out cause I know they told me that they had to give one of the kittens some oxygen and I've got one that's got a broken leg with a splint. I want to make sure there's no lung damage or anything."

Hours after the fire, the family began sifting through what remained.

But Kelly says she's thankful.  Thankful for firefighters who fought for her pets and thankful her family is safe.

Unfortunately, the family's two birds did not make it out of the fire.

Kelly Huftstetler says family and friends are helping them until they can find another place to live.

The fire chief says the exact cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Amy Tatum, reporting