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Representative Brown makes statement about vote on voter ID legislation

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

Released by Jackie King with the Office of State Representative Betty Brown:

As the 81st Legislative Session continues, voter ID remains one of the biggest issues on the minds of Legislators and citizens alike.  A form of this legislation is expected to be voted out of the House Committee on Elections later this week.  There have been concerns that the emerging legislation may not include some important provisions. Representative Brown remains determined to see that this bill does, in fact, help to secure elections in Texas. 

Representative Brown supports the following requirements in voter ID legislation:

  • A valid government issued photo identification, including a drivers license, a US military ID, a  Veteran's ID card, a US Citizenship certificate, a passport, a concealed handgun license, or a tribal identification card.
  • A statewide education campaign for voters and poll workers regarding the new voting requirement.
  • An exemption for those who are indigent, have a religious objection, or are 70 years of age or older who has never been issued a birth certificate or reside in a nursing home.
  • A window of 7 days for a voter who does not present the required identification to return with identification to have their provisional ballot counted.
  • Immediate implementation.

Representative Brown does not support:

  • Delaying implementation of this requirement for four years and allowing continued voter fraud until that time.
  • Accepting a signature match as proof of identification (this is a problem because a person who possesses a false voter registration card can easily sign the card using a fake signature).
  • Accepting forms of non-photo identification.
  • Using taxpayer dollars for a registration campaign.

Representative Brown assures her constituents and fellow Texans that she will not support a bill that does not adequately protect the legitimacy of your vote.  Allowing for ambiguous exceptions and loopholes will only further endanger the security of our elections.  She remains hopeful that members of the Legislature will pass a bill that ensures the integrity of legal ballots.

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