Illness Closes More Schools

The illness which closed two East Texas school districts already is spreading. Monday, four more school districts announced closings that amount to early vacations for their students.

Saint Gregory School in Tyler will not open Tuesday or the rest of the week. 30 % of St. Gregory students went home sick Monday.

Union Grove I.S.D. officials in Upshur County say 18 % of its kids have fallen ill. So Union Grove will let school out early Tuesday at 12:15, and won't reopen until next Monday.

Gilmer I.S.D. announced school there will also be cancelled Tuesday and Wednesday. By the end of classes Monday, around 25 % of Gilmer students had already gone home.

One Upshur County school had already felt massive absences due to illness. Big Sandy Schools were empty Monday. The district canceled classes for the entire week. More than 25 % of the students called in sick last Friday. Monday morning, crews began cleaning and disinfecting classrooms in the elementary, middle, and high schools.

Mineola I.S.D. also canceled classes Tuesday after 20% of its students went home sick Monday.  That means the kids in Mineola are also out for the rest of the week.

Winona I.S.D was the first district to close due to illness. One week ago, a quarter of the student body stayed home sick. After taking three days off, the district now says their absentee rate is back below ten percent.

   Stephen Parr, reporting.