Gift of Love: Tally

Tally is almost nine years old. Typical of her age, she enjoys games, playing outside and just being active. Tally says with a bright smile, "I like sports. I like to go to P.E. and workout and do punches and everything." Tally also likes going to church and school. Her favorite subject is science. Her goal, is to one day be a nurse. Tally adds, "Because I love helping people." This second grader has no problem making friends. "I have about, a lot, so many that I can't even count," she says. Tally has also lost track of the number of times she's moved in her young life. She's in Foster Care after being removed from her home because of abuse and neglect. She's also dealing with feeling alone. "My Mom died. She's an angel now and I go though that. It's pretty tough," says Tally with a sad face. "She has lost a lot of people through death in her family and she really needs a family who can provide her with a lot of reassurance that they're going to be there to take care of her and help her deal with the many loses in her life," says Cheyanne Fuller with Child Protective Services. Tally is hoping to find that forever family, but has one request. "I want to be in a family with no boys, just girls," asks Tally. But more important, she just wants the Gift of Love. Tally explains, "Well, being loved and why it's important to everybody is because if they didn't be loved they would be alone and they didn't have no Moms or Dads and they had to live in a house by their self they wouldn't be loved and everybody needs to be love." Tally is a bright girl but because of her past, she's working through some behavior problems. She would do best in a family willing to meet her therapeutic needs and one that will give her constant supervision and guidance. Fuller says, "She wants to be a part of a family. She wants to be active in a family. She enjoys that." Despite Tally's past, she appears certain about her future. "I'm a Christian more than a country girl. I'm a Christian more than anything," says Tally confidently. It's that faith keeping this country girl hopeful that one day her prayers, for a permanent home, will be answered. In her young voice Tally recites a prayer, "Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord my sole to keep. If I die before I wake I pray the Lord my sole to take. In Jesus name amen."

If you'd like to know more about Tally, or about how to become a Foster or Adoptive Parent, call our Gift of Love hotline. The toll free number is 1-888-kids-275.