Memories and a piece of nostalgia saying goodbye

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - For generations, Pontiac has come to mean muscle cars and classic models that fueled America's love affair with cars, but now Detroit says Pontiacs' time is over.

"I was very surprised," said Buick-Pontiac dealer Craig Sisk. "I thought that maybe Hummer and Saturn or another division to go away before Pontiac. It was 25 percent of our sales, Buick will just become stronger."

It has been part of GM for over 80 years, and for people like Garland Underwood, whose 67 GTO is his pride and joy, it's a piece of American life. For anyone who's ever owned a Pontiac it is not just a machine that's going away, its memories and a piece of nostalgia.

"You know, it's a sad day that we're going to lose a whole breed of cars that's being made by GM," said Garland Underwood, a GTO owner.

GTO, Le Mans, Firebird, Trans-AM are all part of the American vernacular, but now, it will fall into the collectable category.

"Pontiac had a little bit of a muscle car image and it still has it today and had a lot of new products coming out it'll be interesting to see where those products go," said Sisk. "It's going to have an effect."

"These muscle cars came out and this is considered one of the old muscle cars and it's a pleasure to own one of them," said Underwood.

Some hope the make will be resurrected.

"A year, a year and a half from now, things can change," said Sisk.

Though Pontiac is done, the memories will be around a long time.

"Every once in a while I'll give it a little gas just to let the horses run for a little bit," said Underwood.

In its restructuring plan, GM is suggesting the government take more than 50 percent of its common stock in exchange for canceling half of the government's loans. In other words, the federal government could be majority owners of the struggling car company.

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