And the winner is… “Funny Mishaps” campaign winners announced

TYLER, TX - Azalea Orthopedics announced the winners this weekend at the 6th annual All-Star Game for their "Funny Mishaps" campaign at the UT Tyler Patriot Center.

The "Funny Mishaps" contest kicked off in March to look for the funniest mishaps in the East Texas Community that had been caught on video or pictures. The contest had many great entries but the panel had to choose three winners who could star in the Azalea Orthopedics' fall commercials. The contest had three prizes, 1st place - $1000, 2nd place - $500, and 3rd place - $250.

Dr. John English, Executive Director for the Bethesda clinic in Tyler, and Dr. Patrick Wupperman, Dr. Kim Foreman, Dr. Robert Dennis, Azalea Orthopedic Surgeons, were on hand to announce the winners.

The winners are as follows.  Third place went to Bonnie Hocutt from Athens for catching her 9 year- old Grandson's rodeo mishap when he and his horse parted ways during a horse competition in Mt. Vernon.  Second place went to Chuck Walzel for capturing his son wiping out during a water ski escapade. Mr. Welzel and his family were not present as they were visiting their son in the military.  The first place winner in the Funny Mishaps Competition was 19 year-old, Tyler Spitzmiller for the antics caught on tape of his friends and their biking trick adventures.

Spitzmiller is a TJC student from Whitehouse who began stunt riding bikes when he was a sophomore in high school, "Since I am in college now and have a job I have been shooting video more than participating in the bike tricks," said Tyler. When asked what he was going to do with the $1000, Tyler responded simply by saying, "I am going to pay off my truck."  In the future Tyler says he would like to send some of his tapes into America's  Funniest Home Videos.

Leslie Fossey, campaign director said that at this point everyone is requesting to see the winning videos, "We promise that the requests will be granted when Azalea Orthopedics rolls out their fall commercial campaign... so stay tuned for the finale."

Information in this story provided by Azalea Orthopedics.