Puppy Survives a House Fire

By Philippe Djegal - email

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It was the world's worst birthday party for one East Texas family. They nearly lost their puppy in a fire Saturday.

Three month old "Teenie" was sleeping when a birthday cake, accidentally left on a hot stove, caught on fire.

"Can you think they wanted to put her to sleep. Oh my gosh," says Cherie McRae, Teenie's owner.

Three month old teenie was already in a coma when Cherie and her son Adam arrived at the burning house.

"I was just pretty much in a state of shock," says Cherie.   "I was preparing for my son's eighth birthday. Um, and I just received a call that my house was on fire. I was in a panic because we knew our dog was in the house."

"Teenie was right near the fire and I thought she was in the house or something. So, I was really worried about Teenie," says Adam "Lucky" Richards, Cherie's son.

Cherie set the birthday cake on the stove late in the morning, then left the house to pick up some of Adam's friends for the party.

Teenie was locked alone in the house.

"She wasn't breathing that much. So, they had to take her to the vet next to here," says Cherie.

The veterinarian said that Teenie was not going to make it. She was going to die from smoke inhalation.

The vet offered to put teenie to sleep, but Cherie said she wanted to wait until the morning hoping for a miracle.

"I got a call at three in the morning saying that she had regained consciousness and was back to eating and drinking which was really the best blessing because materialistic things can be replaced. It's what matters in the friendships and she has a very close friendship with my son," says Cherie.

"I was very happy" says Adam.   "Because I wanted her to live."

Adam's nickname is lucky. This time, he was, since teenie is expected to make a full recovery.

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