Tips For Shopping Safely Over The Holidays

For most people, the Holiday season means shopping, and that also means taking care not to be a holiday victim.

With the shopping centers starting to fill up, Tyler Police are advising people to be careful when they shop. With more people in the malls, and more cars in the parking lot, there's more reason to take precautions to keep your holiday purchases safe.

Some Tyler shoppers have already started preparing to stay safe for the holiday crush. Sally Woods of Tatum says she takes care this time of year.

"I think people are desperate during the holiday season," she explains. "It's sad, but I think they really are, so you have to be more cautious."

Mt. Pleasant resident Joyce Frank has a game plan for navigating the mall.

"I keep my car locked, and I keep my purse usually hooked over my neck," she says. "And then I watch what I do with my purse and keys and stuff."

According to Tyler Police, one of the easiest ways to keep yourself safe is to make sure you keep your purse attached to you. Also don't leave your packages unattended, even for a moment. If you store them in your car, make sure you put them in the trunk and keep all packages and valuables out of sight in your car.

Reid Kerr reporting.