Store clerk viciously attacked, and it was all caught on tape

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GLADEWATER, TX (KLTV) - Police in Gladewater are asking for the public's help catching three armed robbers who they say savagely beat a convenience store clerk.  It was all caught on tape.  Investigators say around 3:00 a.m., Friday three men overpowered the clerk who was about to open Mikes Mini Mart in the 1300 Block of West Upshur Avenue.  Police say the robbers are considered to be armed and dangerous.

Store surveillance video shows the vicious attack by three men wearing masks and gloves on a 57 year-old female clerk.

"The first thing they did was hit her in the head with a gun and pistol whipped her and then threatened her," said Gladewater Police Chief Farrell Alexander.  Investigators say the three suspects in the case were waiting behind the building before the clerk arrived.  They rushed her at the door, and she didn't have a chance.

"It shows us it's probably local people who knew the store and knew the layout and planned this out before hand," said Alexander.  While taking the store safe and the woman's purse, the video shows the robbers repeatedly beating the clerk, finally binding her with duct-tape and fleeing in what police later found to be a stolen truck.

"They must have planned this out to be able to steal a pick-up to use to haul the safe off," said Alexander.  The woman suffered severe cuts and bruises, but otherwise authorities say she is ok.

"She's tough, she's very tough.  They really abused that store clerk," said Alexander.  "She's a small older lady, 57 years-old, and she couldn't have fought back.  They had no reason to treat her like that."  The brutality of this attack makes Gladewater police want the suspects in custody badly.

"They're armed and dangerous and someone who doesn't hesitate to hurt someone who's innocent and defenseless, and they need to be taken off the street," said Alexander.  The stolen truck was recovered by police Friday morning, but none of the stolen items were found. The clerk refused medical attention at the scene, saying she wanted to be treated by her own doctor.  Anyone with information is asked to call Gladewater police.

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