DPS Recruits Trooper Trainees for Vacancies

Corporal Gale McMullen has spent 32 years keeping our Texas roads and highways safe. But when it came time for retirement, he did.

"Yes there has been a lot of retirement," says Corporal Gale McMullen. "Sure there have been some rehires that come back, I am one of them."

It's a statewide shortage of troopers that brought him back.  Now the department needs to fill more than 200 trooper spots at the Texas legislature's mandate.  Their deadline December 20th.

"I guess recruiting is a little hard because the amount of people who want to get into law enforcement maybe," says McMullen. "Our basic requirements for getting in are going up every year."

Not only do you have to be a U.S. citizen and at least 20 years old, you also need 90 college credit hours or comparable law enforcement, jailer or military experience.

"We are doing everything we can from bumper stickers to radio advertisement to recruiters going to colleges, different businesses," says McMullen.

The DPS workforce plan for 2003-2007 addresses the decline in the number of people seeking law enforcement careers.  Now DPS will have to concentrate on making these positions more attractive.

"You are helping people there is no monetary reward for it but it's just very rewarding that you are helping save lives, working wrecks, helping people through traumatic situations," says McMullen.

After 3-decades with DPS, Corporal McMullen can assure recruits, troopers do more than just write tickets, they make Texas a safer place to live.